Acura was launched in the United States and Canada on 27 March 1986. Focusing on luxury, features, and performance vehicles, It was the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Honda, Acura got to be the first Japanese automotive luxury brand. A new dealership network was established for the sale of Acura badged cars. The first sales channel was named Honda Clio, which used to sell luxury vehicles. Acura cars were one of the best selling vehicles in its first year. Sales went down by the mid-90s due to drastic design changes with the introduction of new models. The first launches included the Legend sedan and the Integra in both sport coupe and sedan versions. Read More...


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More About Acura

Acura's Logo is created as a stylized calliper by Honda

In the early 90s, Acura introduced the Crown jewel and the legendary all-aluminum body, performance-focused and competitively priced Acura NSX sports car. Their cars became popular because they were backed up by Honda’s reputation for reliability and low ownership costs, And the upscale image of Acura cars.

The current situation of Acura looks nothing like the old Acura. A brand that was once a maker of premium quality and performance-oriented cars, with the reputation of Honda’s reliability. Honda remains its sister company but the lineup is no longer dressed with luxurious and fun to drive vehicles. Instead, Filled with little fancier Hondas. If major steps are not taken soon then there remains no point in a brand founded for providing luxurious and performance-focused cars, It is now selling bland cars.

The company struggled when some of its products were not going strong and they risked it by replacing the Legend and Integra names with alphanumeric classification. The rebadged version SLX did not go well because of quality issues. Acura overhauled its product range with an all-new SUV badged as MDX, outfitted with features such as a third-row seat and easily accessible interior features. An all-new TSX in the entry-level sport sedan segment is also introduced. 

Acura has set its future planning cycle, "Performance is going to be our luxury," said Honda performance development engineer St. Cyr. Although the company’s focus was unclear in the past years, Acura has learned a lot from the new RDX’s launch in 2019, and sales figures show success after a long time. RDX is a compact SUV and the latest onboard wearing the Acura logo with a new design language and refreshed looks. Focusing on performance will be Acura’s next step in upcoming cars. It won a comparison against the Cadillac XT4 and Infiniti QX50 with performance being Acura’s plus point.

Acura has given this midsize vehicle a new look for the 2018 cycle that added a new corporate grille and new sheet metal in the front and rear. In addition to that, there is a host of chassis and refinement upgrades and a new A-Spec trim package. There is an expected redesign due in 2020 as a 2021 model. There are rumors that it will get rid of the current engine in favor of Honda’s 1.5-liter turbo four-cylinder and the 2.0-liter turbo-four.