Vorsprung Durch Technik, meaning "Progress through Technology'' is the tagline used by the famous 4 ring logo brand named Audi. Audi is a Germany based automobile manufacturer that builds luxury cars and SUVs. It is a member of the Volkswagen group which has been in business for more than 100 years and is still located at the same location it began, Deutschland. The four rings of the Audi logo, representing one of four companies that are merged together to form a group. Their vehicles are manufactured in nine production factories around the globe. Audi, along with fellow competitors BMW and Mercedes-Benz are proving to be one of the best selling brands in the world. Read More...


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More About Audi

Audi's Logo exemplify the merger of saxony's four car companies

Audi started to get noticed when they got a 100LS luxury sedan along with a Fox coupe and sedan. The most iconic revel by Audi came in March 1980 at the Geneva Motor Show. The automaker unveiled the Audi Quattro, an all-wheel-drive sports coupe. It's a german car named four in a non-german language. 

Quattro was a new all-wheel-drive system developed in house by Audi for low rise sedans. This system helped Audi in winning a large number of motorsports titles. There Quattro helped them win multiple rally championships and helped push the technology to other cars. Afterward, this system was integrated into the entire model range of Audi cars. An all-aluminum car was brought, made with Audi Space Frame (ASF) technology which saves weight and provides improved more strength compared to conventional steel frames.

Today, Audi is offering a wide range of vehicles in the global market that combines luxury and sport. In 2005, Audi introduced LED daytime running lights in their products and their distinctive shape became a trademark. Audi A8 became the first car to get LED DRLs. In the coming years LED technology in both low and high beam headlights was introduced.

The famous Direct-shift gearbox (DSG) was implemented, called the S-Tronic transmission. It is a dual-clutch transmission and includes dual electro-hydraulically controlled clutches instead of a conventional torque converter. DSG gear shifts are faster as compared to other options. It became one of the upselling points of all cars under the Audi group to date.

The aging 1.8litre engine was refreshed by new Fuel Stratified Injection (FSI) engines. It was implemented along with all the petrol variants, as a part of fuel-saving technology. The new millennium brought in performance-focused models such as the TT, Audi’s version of the roadster. Already existing S variants were treated with even more performance and given the RS badge, provided in A4 and A6. latest releases include A3 hatchback, Q5 crossover SUV, A5 coupe, R8 sports car, and A7 hatchback sedan. In 2018, Audi announced that it will be investing $15.9 billion in self-driving cars and e-mobility.

In the next phase, Audi is developing the e-Tron which is an electric drive powertrain system technology in which power is sent to all four wheels with the help of a separate electric motor for each wheel. Several concept cars are displayed in different motor shows, each with different levels of size and performance. The original e-Tron concept was based on the R8 platform which is also showcased in the 2013 blockbuster film Iron Man 3. Audi also developed a pilot hybrid electric project with the help of the Japanese electronics giant Sanyo which would be providing batteries and other electronic components. Other showcased electric vehicles to date include the Audi A1 Sportback concept and Audi A4 TDI concept E. 

Audi AI, the driver-assist feature is a step toward the future of autonomous driving. It still has to develop a lot and go through legal and technical hurdles to achieve the goal of self-driven cars. Audi A8 is the first production car to reach level 3 of autonomous driving in which the driver does not have to keep the focus on driving tasks all the time and the car can self drive up to 30mph using Audi AI. It is different from other self-drive systems in which the driver has to do safety checks such as touching the steering wheel every 15-20 seconds. Audi is the first manufacturer to use a 3D LIDAR system for the AI, in addition to conventional cameras and ultrasonic sensor systems used by other manufacturers.

Other concepts also consist of a mid-engine gas-powered 2 seat performance coupe powered by two electric motors at the rear axle. A hybrid vehicle based on the Audi A1 production model equipped with a Wankel rotary engine helped extend the range if the battery ran out of power. The A1 concept being the only one with an additional engine to extend the range with an electric motor powering the front wheels always.