A British luxury car company that has produced some of the most desirable cars in the world for nearly 100 years. Bentley was founded as Bentley Motors Limited in 1919 by W O Bentley in London. The first car bearing Bentley’s name was produced in the same year and presented at the London motor show. In 1921 the 3.0 liter Bentley's were made available to the public and quickly made a name for themselves because of the durability of their cars. Capt. Woolf Barnato bought his first Bentley in 1925 and used it to win numerous races. In 1926 he bought Bentley for around $130, which would be nearly $2 million at today’s valuation. The most iconic model of the early years of Bentley was their 4.5 liter Blower Bentley which was what James Bond drove in the original novels. Read More...


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More About Bentley


Bentley was acquired by Rolls-Royce in 1931 and remained a part of their company until Volkswagen AG beat out BMW with a bid of around $450 million in 1997. The winged logo changes depending on the car. The winged “B” ornament was originally designed to represent speed and power. The initial designer also wanted to prevent forgery, so he added a different number of feathers on each side hoping that forgers wouldn’t notice. Bentley also tends to change the number of feathers based on what type of car. vintage cars typically have 13 feathers on the left and 14 on the right. Derby cars have 10 and 11. and crew cars have 10 on both sides.

Rolls-Royce secretly acquired Bentley in 1931 after the wall street crash of 1929. Bentley struggled financially as demand went down for their expensive cars. In 1931 they were no longer able to pay the bills so there was a bidding war to see who would buy the company. Rolls Royce used a front company to buy the company and even Bentley himself didn’t know the true identity of the buyer until the sale was complete production was halted for 2 years before resuming Rolls-Royce works in Derby. W O Bentley left when his contract expired in 1935. All Bentleys made from 1931 to 2004 used the Rolls-Royce chassis and adapted Rolls-Royce engines.

Bentley’s long-running success focuses on luxury and dedication to quality. In the modern era, Bentley has bought us the Mulsanne, Continental GT, the Flying Spur, and the Bentagya. The Bentley Mulsanne is a full-size 4 door luxury car unveiled at the 2009 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance as the successor of the Bentley Arnage. It is powered by a 6.75 Liter twin-turbocharged Bentley L Series V8 engine rated at 505 hp and 752 lb-ft of torque. Providing the power to the wheels is an 8-speed ZF 8HP automatic transmission. The car offers a Front-engine placement with a rear-wheel-drive layout. Many other variants are available as per customer demand such as Mulsanne Speed and Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase.

The Bentley Bentayga is a Mid-size, 5-door crossover SUV unveiled in 2015. It was offered initially in one engine option, a 6.0 Liter twin-turbo W12 petrol putting out 600 hp @6,000 rpm with 664 lb-ft of torque. This was the first Bentley to receive the new W12 engine and was capable of bypassing 6 cylinders if needed. Later 3 other engine options were added for efficiency and personal requirements of buyers. A 4.0 Liter twin-turbo V8 diesel engine putting out 429 hp @5,000 rpm with 664 lb-ft of torque, a 4.0 Liter twin-turbo V8 petrol engine putting out 542 hp @6,000 rpm with 568 lb-ft of torque, and a 3.0 Liter turbo V6 petrol PHEV Hybrid engine putting out 456 hp @6,000 rpm with 516 lb-ft of torque. The car offers a front-engine placement with a four-wheel-drive layout across all engine variants. Providing the power to the wheels is an 8-speed ZF 8HP automatic transmission.

The Bentley Continental GT is a sports grand tourer debuted in 2003 at the Geneva Motor Show. It was a successor of both Bentley Continental R and Bentley Continental T. It is powered by a 6.0 Liter W12 twin-turbo engine putting out 621 hp @6,000 rpm with 590 lb-ft of torque. It is offered in 2 body styles. A 2-door 2+2 fastback and a 2-door 2+2 convertible options. The car offers a Longitudinal front-engine placement with a Torsen permanent four-wheel drive layout. Providing the power to the wheels is a 6-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission. 

The Bentley Flying Spur is a Full-size, 4-door luxury saloon car. First-generation was launched in 2005 and after that two other generations came in 2013 and 2019. It is powered by the new Bentley’s 6.0 Liter W12 twin-turbo engine putting out 626 hp @6,000rpm with 605 lb-ft of torque. It is based on the new modular design construction platform which offers longitudinal front-engine placement and rear-wheel-drive layout. Providing the power to the wheels is 8-speed automatic transmission.

There is a Bentley ice driving school in Finland from February to March, Bentley holds its power on ice school in the far north of Finland. Where exert drivers teach participants how to drive their Bentley's in some extremely harsh winter conditions. Moving towards future strategies, Bentley showcased their plan of bringing hybrid versions of their whole lineup by 2023. Later, they plan to add an EV version of each car by 2025.

This has already begun with the launch of the Bentayga hybrid, which is a hybrid version of the current Bentayga. It was previously available only with V8 and V12 engines with no hybrid options. Working on the same plan Bentley will bring a hybrid version of the whole lineup which will help in targeting more buyers. Although no specific timing is currently available for when the hybrid version of other cars. We expect a hybrid version of the new Continental GT, the Flying Spur, and the Mulsanne will be somewhere going under testing for their launch in the near future. 

The first full-electric Bentley is guaranteed for 2025. Bentley officials stated that having full EV vehicles will have in more than one way, meeting emissions regulations and filling up the gaps between the lineup as it fits perfectly with Bentley’s vibe. It is claimed that 35% of overall buyers have shown interest in an all-electric vehicle plan. Bentley is planning to borrow hybrid and electric technology from its member, the Volkswagen Group. The company also believes that the instant torque which an electric motor provides will match the challenging face for which Bentley cars are known for.