Fiat's history dates back to 1899 when Fabrica Italiana automobile Torino was founded by Giovanni Agnelli. In 1900 the first Fiat plant opened and the company produced 24 cars in the first year. In the late 1910s, their production shifted to manufacturing products that would help in the war efforts of world war I and II. They were still producing cars in limited numbers. In 1969 the company expanded when they bought half a Ferrari along with another car company called Lancia. In 1986 Fat bought Alfa Romeo from the Italian government making Fiat Europe's largest automaker. They also acquired Maserati in 1993. In 2014 they bought Chrysler and formed Fiat Chrysler Automotive, which is currently the world's seventh-largest automaker. In the past fiat produced a several including the Diat Brevet. Tipo. 500 Topolino, 1100, Dino, and panda. The AG Nellie family who has run Fiat since its inception is one of the richest families in Italy with a net worth of $13.5 billion Read More...


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Its current product line includes the Fiat 500, Fiat Panda 4x4, Fiat Ducato and Fiat Argo. The Agnelli family has run the company from its founding up until the present day. Fiat has seen some major ups and downs in its nearly 120years of existence. It continues to have a prominent presence year after year in the ever-changing automobile market.

Fiat’s first car was the Fiat 4 hp, which true to its name had just four horsepower. The car had a two-cylinder engine that was mounted on the back. it could not go in reverse and had a top speed of 22mph. In 1938 fiat introduced a new model that took the company into a realm of luxury vehicles. It was a limousine model that was used as a status symbol in the years surrounding world war I. 

Fiat has been thinking outside the box from the very beginning over the years they have introduced unique models with innovative features and technological advancements.

The 2019 FIAT 500X is a 5-door subcompact crossover SUV introduced at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. Fiat bought the 500x as the successor to the Sedici. It is available with a long list of engine options to choose from in the European market, but only 2 options are available for the American market., starting from a 1.4 MultiAir turbocharged petrol engine putting out 160 hp @5,500 and 184 lb-ft of torque. It comes mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. It is available with a standard front-wheel drive option only. Another option is a Chrysler 2.4 L I4 MultiAir2 putting out 180 hp @6,250rpm and 175 lb-ft of torque. This powerful motor comes mated to a 9 speed Chrysler 948TE automatic transmission. It comes with a standard front-wheel drive along with an optional all-wheel drive for some tricky situations. 

The 2019 FIAT 500 is a 2 door, 4 seaters front-wheel-drive A-segment city car in production since 2007. It is offered in various engine and body types, out of which it is famous for the performance-oriented variant. It competes with the top-level performance hatch when it comes to driving and handling. 

 Fiat also has a performance-focused division that gives the car a unique and track-oriented driveability. This division came into existence considering KARL ABARTH who became well known in mechanics and marketing with his motorbike ideas. After a lot of racing accomplishments. He later moved to Italy and started working on automobiles, giving them his own personal touch. With time his name grew so much that his name turned into a word for an upgrade. Fiat established a partnership with him and started manufacturing variants of cars under the name ABARTH. Even Fiat's signature vehicle the 500 gets an Abarth variant.

Currently, two models wear the Abarth badge. The Fiat 500 Abarth which is a performance version of the Fiat 500 outfitted with a 1.4 L engine with an upgraded IHI RHF3-P turbocharger, and is evaluated at 133 hp at 5,500 rpm and 152 lb-ft torque at 3,000 rpm. It also gets tweaked suspension and handling parts. The Fiat 124 spider Abarth also gets the treatment and now features almost the same engine as the Fiat 500 Abarth but with a different stage of tune which boosts the power output to 160hp. Both Abarth vehicles come with the option of an automatic or manual transmission.

Fiat Chrysler plans a significant increase in production capacity for its two top-rated brands, Jeep and Ram, by including another manufacturing plant in Detroit. This plant comes up as a part of the company’s plan of investing $4.5 billion.

Fiat also announced its huge responsibility of adding electric vehicles to its lineup, starting with at least four new Jeep plug-in hybrids. That’s a significant move for the automaker. Customers were asked not to buy the Fiat 500e, which is Fiat’s first electric vehicle because the company expected to lose more than $10,000 on every vehicle it sold.

The probability is that it will be hard to profit, even with the new electric models, Fiat Chrysler has up its lineup. Competition has to be taken seriously because if electric models that are cheap to buyers and profitable to manufacture do not come up soon, then there will be serious struggles in the future for Fiat.