The start of the Genesis brand begins with a vehicle named Genesis. Parent company Hyundai unveiled the Genesis midsize car for the 2009 model year. It was the Korean automaker's first attempt in the luxury segment, appearing during an era of a worldwide downturn and when Hyundai's character for quality was not going smoothly. It was a difficult task, yet Genesis figured out how to make a specialty for itself. The first Genesis was about worth, the same way other Hyundai’s were marketed. From one angle, it was priced according to the small luxury sedan, yet it offered noticeably more space and increased ride quality. On the other hand, Genesis was focused on being less expensive compared to other midsize sedans. A sporty version of Genesis coupe was launched in 2010 and the even more luxurious Hyundai Equus which was a full-size sedan launched in 2011. Read More...


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Hyundai updated Genesis in 2015. It was more costly than its previous-gen yet in addition progressively refined and luxurious. In moving its small segment vehicle progressively upmarket, the automaker wound up at an intersection. Offering a different level of ownership, Dealerships selling Genesis are different from the Hyundai dealership in terms of sales and service experience, enhancing the ownership experience. 

In 2017 at the New York auto show, Genesis unveiled the GV 80 concept which was their look at what a Genesis SUV might look like in the future. The Genesis has come very close to unveiling a new production SUV in 2020 while this SUV will certainly borrow styling cues from the concept. we can more so expect it to reflect the current Genesis lineup rather than the very futuristic looking concept. This concept featured hydrogen cell fuel technology but this might get ruled out for the production model. it would still likely be called GV 80. so the production variant will likely feature Genesis current lineup with engines including the 3.8liter V6 and the 3.3 liters twin-turbo V6 meaning that we can expect a fairly sporty version of the GV 80 to come out. but, what is more, exciting is that Genesis is also rumored to be working on a smaller GV 70 which could also get the twin-turbo V6 and could be actually a very exciting BMW X3 sized sporty SUV. 

Genesis, in general, is working on full-electric variants of some of their sedans as a concept and future production vehicle. Genesis and Hyundai have some work to do still in developing the technology and infrastructure around these powertrains before they could enter a full production scale model. They are also looking to refresh the flagship G90 sedan. This new version will feature revised styling as well as technology updates to the interior and if it comes out before the Genesis SUVs. We can certainly expect it to be kind of setting an example of what to expect out of the SUVs in terms of the new styling. it is really going to set the benchmark and kind of prototype or lay the path for the future Genesis vehicles whether it is sedan refreshes or the new SUVs.