Form the house of Japanese automotive giants Nissan. Infiniti is the luxury car manufacturing division of the same. Nissan kept the first Infiniti model a secret until the 1989 Detroit motor show. When Nissan came up with the concept of developing a luxury car for the American market. The design and manufacturing process was kept top secret until the first Infiniti Q45 was introduced. Despite being a Japanese brand Infiniti did not introduce its first Infiniti branded car to the domestic Japanese market until 2013. Some models were sold under the Nissan brand name, the hybrid Q50 was the first car to be officially sold in Japan. Read More...


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More About Infiniti

Infiniti Logo Formalize as it look like Symbol of "INFINITI"

The current generation of Infiniti cars is mostly based on the Nissan FM platform. Under this platform, the center of the engine is placed behind the front wheels. Infiniti uses different platforms for other segments of cars. Nissan F-Alpha platform is used in the QX80 full-size SUV. Nissan D platform is used in the QX60 crossover. Infiniti also shares platforms such as the third-generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class platform which is used in the Q30/QX30 duo.

Infiniti set an acceleration world record for a hybrid vehicle in 2011. This was the first hybrid in Infiniti’s lineup. The M 35h set a Guinness world record for the fastest standing quarter-mile by a hybrid gas-electric vehicle. The M hybrid traveled a quarter of a mile in 13.9 seconds at the Santa pod raceway in the UK.

The current lineup consists of 9 cars in the U.S. market. 

Infiniti Q70 sedan. It packs a proper sedan design but has an old school approach. Lack of features constrains the feel of a proper luxury sedan. It comes in two engine variants a 330 hp V6 and 416 hp V8. The design and technology are outdated as nothing has changed since 2015 and performance remains the only strength. It packs a big and burly V8 engine under its hood which definitely puts a smile on people who drive themselves and don’t like being chauffered. It competes with the likes of BMW 5 Series, Jaguar XF, Lexus GS 300, and Genisis G80.

Infiniti Q60 and Q60 red sport 400 coupes. Same as other products it is lacking in luxury features. The overall package is good if comparing the price to the power ratio. Again it packs an engine that keeps the ride rolling. The ride comfort and body control add more positive points. The Red Sport packs 100 more horses than the normal version. Competing with Lexus RC, Mercedes-Benz C Class, and BMW 4 Series. 

Infiniti Q50 and Q50 red sport 400 duo. Is the entry-level luxury sport sedan packed with high tech features? It comes in 3 engine options, in which the performance-focused red sports variant is included. it competes with Lexus LS 300, Kia Stinger, and Alfa Romeo Giulia. 

The SUV and crossover segment is taken care of by the QX series of vehicles. Under which 3 models are offered.

QX50 is a compact luxury crossover SUV that got featured in the list of 10 best SUVs for 3 years in a row. Offered in 2 engine options of both diesel and petrol. It has a much bigger engine with decent power output and interiors. It competes with Acura RDX SUV, the Cadillac XT5 Suv, and the Audi SQ5 SUV.

QX60 is a seven-passenger Mid-size luxury crossover SUV. It offers an excellent crash test rating. Loaded with a long list of features although the interior quality feels less luxurious. Leg space is a plus point that is served well in all three rows. Made to compete with Acura MDX, Nissan Pathfinder, Lexus RX. 

QX80 is a full-size luxury SUV. it is a bold and strong luxury SUV placed as the top SUV by the Infiniti brand. Loaded with an all-wheel-drive option, feature-loaded interior, and incredible build quality competing with Lincoln Navigator, Mercedes GLS 450, and Lexus 570.

Infiniti also bought to life a car developed especially for Gran Turismo 6, the design language for Infiniti’s GT version came out of an internal global design competition at Infiniti to create a concept car for the racing simulator game. Infiniti took this process a step further by introducing a real-world prototype of the virtual sports car vision GT. The winning design and final production came from Infiniti’s relatively new design team in Beijing. The real-life model is virtually identical to its digital version and was introduced at the Shanghai auto show in 2015.

Infiniti introduced its Q80 concept Infiniti wanted to give car enthusiasts a glimpse into the future of their brand when they introduced the Q80 concept at the 2014 Paris auto show. It was loaded up with lots of advanced features. From interior that utilizes cameras, lasers, sensors, and a HUD display projected on the windshield. The exterior features a striking design with sleek lines and a panoramic glass roof with rear hanging suicide doors. It offers an autonomous driving mode and a 550 horsepower hybrid electric powertrain engine. Their intent was to break the mold of traditional premium sedan dimensions and body form. As said this car was created with the intent of production in the future. 

In 2016 Infiniti became technical partners with Renault formula one and together they aim to introduce the first road-ready f1 inspired car through what they call project black s. The companies intend to take the revolutionary technology of their energy recovery system which powers the Renault sports f1 race car and put it in their Q60 coupe.