Land Rover is the name used for a boxy four-wheel drive off-road vehicle. The iconic British manufacturer traces back to 1948 when their first vehicle rolled out on public roads. After 3 years into production, It was granted a Royal Warrant by King George VI. The first vehicle was made using Jeep chassis and components assembled with the redesigned body structure. From the beginning, Land Rovers were produced keeping one thing in mind that their cars will not be afraid to get down and dirty while taking the backroad home. In present times, Land Rover is in charge of manufacturing the most adaptable SUVs you can buy. They remain one of the few automobile brands, to entirely manufacture SUVs. Currently, Land Rover is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Motors since January 2008. Manufacturing takes place in plants situated in Brazil, China, India, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom. Read More...


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More About Land Rover

Land Rover
British legendary luxury and off-road specializing car manufacturer Land Rover, is now part of India's Tata group after it was bought by the brand from Ford Motor Company.

The 1950s saw Land Rovers advancing toward expanded power and refinement. New models like Series II offered increased power figures and simple exterior design, with redesigned chassis. This was the first time the world witnessed a diesel-fueled Rover. The next decade was taken care of by the Series IIA. The '60s Rover was gained by Leyland Motors Ltd., which is later known as British Leyland.

In 1970, Land Rover introduced Range Rover. It was fitted with a powerful V8 engine and an all-aluminum structure, it was designed to focus on buyers. By the mid-70s, British Leyland was nationalized and later gained by British Aerospace.

The Range Rover formally made its introduction to the U.S. car market in 1987. Soon the all-new refreshed, redesigned Land Rover Discovery was launched. It took almost 2 decades for the Range Rover group to change the design language being used in their cars for quite a while. After BMW acquired the company in 1995, Land Rover increased the luxury factor of their cars while still holding on to their go-anywhere DNA.

Present-day, Land Rover is ranked amongst the top manufacturers for its range of SUVs. It includes top of the line Land Rover Range Rover SV Autobiography to more affordable Range Rover Evoque. In 2013, Land Rover and Jaguar Cars were converged to shape a single organization by the Tata Motors Group. Now it is known as the Jaguar Land Rover Limited.

Land Rover Defender has been awarded the most secure vehicle on streets as estimated by the possibility of death in two-vehicle damage accidents. The result was based on information gathered by police officials following mishaps. It indicated that Defender drivers had a 1% possibility of being killed and a 33% possibility of any sort of damage. Similar scores were given to other four-wheel-drive vehicles wearing the Land Rover badge.

Land Rover, peeking into the future already displayed their diesel-electric hybrid vehicle. Also, the LRX hybrid concept has been showcased which runs on all-electric power up to a speed of 20mph. It was showcased at the North American International Auto Show. The all-new Defender has already been showcased with a zero-emission producing vehicle. It is capable of going up to 80kms of range in all-electric mode along with all off-roading gimmicks.

Land Rover is investing about $5 million in the new project called "Cortex". Their plan is to make cars that have autonomous off-road capabilities that can explore rough terrain in every single climate condition. The company also showcased its plans for making a remote control system for its new Defender. Under this, the car can be controlled to maneuver at low speeds from outside the vehicle. In simple terms, Land Rover is taking serious steps towards the future by investing in autonomous driving.