Henry Leland has made it his life principle to always do things better than they have been done before. This led Henry Leland to form the Lincoln Motor Company back in 1917. Leland’s stubborn commitment to absolute precision was the tool that would help him teach a fledgling auto industry exactly what a luxury car should be and it was the prize that led Henry ford to purchase Leland’s newly formed Lincoln Motor Company in 1922.  Henry Ford’s only son Edsel Ford was soon named the president of the Lincoln Motor Company. Earlier he summoned some of the world’s great coachbuilders including Bruin Fleetwood, Jenkins Murphy, and LeBaron to Detroit. Hoping to motivate on the path of making the best cars in the world under Ford’s leadership, Lincoln grew in scope that early dedication to the art of building automobiles was preserved and nourished. Every Lincoln, for example, was shipped in its own individual paper bag and sealed in a dust-free railroad car. Read More...


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More About Lincoln

Named after former President Abraham Lincoln, the brand now comes as a part of the Ford Motor Company and is known for making some of the most luxury-laden cars in the market.

Born in 1931 the K series of Lincoln automobiles featured some of the most spectacular cars the world has ever seen along with the most advanced engineered automobile systems including the V12 engine, aluminum cylinder heads, power brakes, and much more. In celebration of one year of the K series, the Lincoln KB was chosen as the pace car for the 1932 Indy 500. The K soon proved as durable as it was beautiful and innovative. Some K series v12 engines were driven for over 300,000 miles without replacement of bearings or turning of the crankshaft. 

The design was a Lincoln hallmark so in 1933 Edsel Ford established a new styling department. Two years later when the Zephyr was ready for introduction, it was a revolutionary design breakthrough. It was the first successful production fastback and its aerodynamic styling featured streamlined fenders and no running boards. Its steel truss design was the forerunner of unitized construction, in addition, the Zephyr introduced the one-piece windshield and featured a powerful lightweight v12 engine. The car became a commercial success and it was honored in 1951 by the museum of modern art as the first successfully designed streamlined car. In 1938 the styling department was asked to create a car that would reflect the elegance and style of Europe in an American way. The first prototype was delivered in Florida in 1939 and was so well received that it returned a 200 blight check for ordering the car. With that, it was immediately put into production.

The 1956 Lincoln Premier is a more popularly priced luxury automobile. It won the industrial design institute's award of excellence. Safety received major emphasis in 1956 as Lincoln's were offered with energy-absorbing steering columns and recessed center steering wheels. It was among the first few vehicles which encouraged the use of seatbelts.

In 1968 Lincoln Mark3 exploded on the luxury car scene combining subtle classical reference with a crispy fresh design. It projected a powerful image of southern prestige and great worth. Within months its bold square grill and continental hump came to signify the best that Detroit or the world had to offer. The decade of the 70s saw Lincoln build on the formal styling, precedent as the Mark3 had established. The rounder sleeker Mark4 replaced the Mark3 and immediately outsold its luxury coupe competition. Lincoln began the very successful designer series in 1976 and in 1979 the collector edition, the last of a Lincoln generation sold out in a matter of a few months. Lincoln had a stirring new design that was unlike anything that competition was offering. a mighty and sure-footed road machine. The Mark7 offered innovative features such as an electronically controlled air suspension system, an industry first. 

The contemporary transformation of the Lincoln model lineup was completed with the 1990 town car. A car whose aesthetic and functional roots can be traced at least to the town car of 1940. In this latest town car, Lincoln designers and engineers were able to incorporate the purity and sleek styling of recent Lincoln products without sacrificing the town car’s singular position as a car of extensive dimensions and unparalleled comfort. The automobile was recognized as motor trend magazine’s 1990 car of the year, the first luxury sedan in 38 years to win that award.

The MKZ, an average size sedan which was presented for the 2013 model year, is sliding steeply down the US sales figures and will likely end the year with around 20,000 units sold. There is nothing wrong with the vehicle, it's basically an instance of it being in the last year of production. Zephyr is the proposed successor for the MKZ. It is said to be expected for launch in 2020, but that may apply just to China as the market section where the MKZ struggles keep on decreasing in North America. Zephyr will go against the Audi A4 L, Mercedes C-Class L, BMW 3 Series, and Jaguar XEL. There will more likely be a PHEV model too which would replace the MKZ Hybrid.

With respect to the design, Ford appears to probably put together this model with respect to China's cutting edge Mondeo which would mean utilizing C2. In any case, a few sources accept that it will rather be a vehicle for Ford's CD6. This is supposed to be equivalent to Lincoln's D6 platform which can apparently be for all types of driving modes. A Continental PHEV ought to be included for the 2020 model year, and the six-speed programmed gearbox will probably be supplanted by GM and Ford's nine-speed transmission. At that point in CY2020, it ought to be midlife facelift time if the vehicle is on the plan for more than five years into production. 

A small crossover-coupe is ought to be added to the line-up in 2021 or 2022. This model, which doesn't yet have an assigned name, will be assembled in China and North America. It is expected to be using the C2 platform in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive layouts. It is planned to be showcased as the least expensive Lincoln, going straight for the Audi Q2 and Lexus UX.

The project code-named CD714 has been rumored to be phased out which might have been a Lexus LS-sized sedan. The project has been rephrased completely. Now it will be designed focusing directly on the Tesla Model S and giving it a tough competition. We might be seeing a hybrid being added to the lineup of big SUVs. This could be happening before the Navigator and L are due for a facelift in 2023.