All-New 2023 Range Rover Spied Again

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May 03, 2021 at 04:16 PM

2023 Range Rover spied yet again with an all-new infotainment screen and instrument cluster.

Land Rover has been pushing its same Range Rover for a pretty long time, just for the fact, it has almost been a decade with the current generation. And it somewhat lies in the company’s genes, they did the very same thing with the Jaguar XJ, the development of which currently remains axed. The new Range Rover is finally caught testing with its spy pictures recently coming from Nurburgring. There is a new batch of spy pictures that shows the Range Rover stationary and parked. 

The British SUV is wearing a lot of camouflage wrap on it which hides the exterior design ques. With the look of it, it almost seems like the Range Rover that is on sale right now. It again features the Land Rover trademark: the clamshell-style hood, although it opens the right way up. The vehicle now looks more straight from the front but it can also be hiding something else entirely, the grille and the headlights. The rear has a lot covered up, so expect a major change at the back. 

What most of the vehicles are getting in the most recent upgrades is the popular big infotainment screen. Which is more like a catch-up that is being done by most manufacturers and doesn’t really have sense behind it. The life of the buttons outlasts the life of a screen. The instrument cluster is also being done with a big screen and the steering wheel might also use capacitive buttons rather than those clicky ones. The interiors are disguised so much that there’s nothing to talk about.

When the all-new Range Rover comes out the most basic trim is likely to get a six-cylinder inline engine with a mild hybrid system. A plug-in hybrid version would employ a 2L engine which will be putting out a combined output of 398 hp. For such an important luxury SUV the V8 is also expected and it will most likely be the 5L which it currently uses or a 4.4 L BMW V8 engine. The release of the Rangie is expected to happen this year. 

Source: Mogwai Media

All-New 2023 Range Rover Spied Again
All-New 2023 Range Rover Spied Again
All-New 2023 Range Rover Spied Again
All-New 2023 Range Rover Spied Again
All-New 2023 Range Rover Spied Again
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