Subaru is a Japan-based automobile brand which is the automobile manufacturing division of the Japanese Subaru corporation also known as Fuji heavy industries. Started with a tagline "Inexpensive, and built to stay that way" and went on proving the same by providing top of line robust build quality, competitive pricing, and fun to drive turbocharged engines. The brand is also known for making the best crash test scoring cars. As per 2012 reports, Subaru was at the 22nd position of largest automaker in terms of production. Subaru is a Japanese word that translates to “Unite”. Read More...


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More About Subaru

Subaru Logo imitates the six star constellation

The entire lineup can be used for a full family getaway and also as a track day vehicle. Subaru was formed in the 1950s by a collection of Japanese companies that formed Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. As a result of which Subaru was formed as the automotive division. The first Subaru car was unveiled in 1954 by the name P-1, which was later changed to Subaru 1500. It was outfitted with a four-cylinder engine, front-wheel wishbone independent suspension, and it was also the first Japan-made car built on the monocoque body design.

Sales went down due to funding and support but were soon resolved by launching another car named the 360 in 1958. It was also called the ladybird due to its bug inspired shape. It became very popular and remained in production for almost 12 years. Based on the same platform as the 360, Subaru launched its first truck named the Sambar minitruck. It was offered in a compact size, which was practical for Japan’s crowded and narrow streets. Soon the Sambar light van was also launched, which was a compact van for both commercial and private use.

The first vehicle to use front wheel drive technology was launched by the name of 1000. Some part of this technology is still used in current models, which is a front-wheel-drive system mated to a horizontally placed engine. Subaru always focused on the fun to drive and practical use of cars. They also made the world’s first electronically controlled continuously variable transmission. 

Their motorsport carrier was at the peak by the 90s. They were the first Japanese manufacturer to win the Manufacturers' title at the World Rally Championship for three consecutive years. The Subaru brand continued to grow with the addition of performance-focused, practical wagon, and sporty cars. The Impreza became one of the top names when it comes to the world rally series. The car was known for its durability on rough rally stages, which in return gave the Subaru an image of a durable and robust car manufacturing brand.

General motors aiming at strengthing their foreign market presence acquired a 20% stake in Fuji Heavy Industries, but it didn’t last long. Currently, Toyota owns a small percentage of shares in Fuji Heavy Industries. The current Subaru lineup includes vehicles from high performance focused to family-focused cars and wagons such as the WRX STI, BRZ, and Forester. 

Engineers at Subaru are planning to move forward into the future, and a reflection can be seen in the latest Subaru Ascent, which is a great example of how to get maximum power and best mileage out of the powertrain by putting bigger turbos on smaller engines. This is not the first time Subaru did this, they are doing the same since the 80s by putting bigger turbochargers on smaller displacement engines, which can dominate vehicles with much larger displacement engines while returning fabulous miles per gallon.

In a recent interview, Subaru Carline Planning Manager confirmed that there will be more powertrain options available for different needs or per customer demand. He also confirmed that turbochargers will play an important role in providing more powertrain options. So it is safe to say that people planning for Subaru in the future will be getting a lot more from the Japanese manufacturing giant. Buyers will still have options of all-wheel-drive, safety improvements, and rugged go-anywhere SUV segments. Along with the reputation of the brand which is to provide unbreakable vehicles, Subaru will also be looking into past mistakes as well as great decisions to plan the future.